Egypt Acrylic Necklace
Egypt Acrylic Necklace

Egypt Acrylic Necklace

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Choose Your Voice!
Ayser AyI miss my aunt. T
Ali "I miss Damascus but I love my school and my friends here. Ş
Rukaye ”It is difficult to go to Syria, I hope I can see my mother once again.“
It's not too late to hear each other's voice!
Unleash collection to be the voice of stories of Syrian war victims created.
We are visiting the homes of the refugees living in the Yesiloz neighborhood of Ankara and listening to their stories and we want to tell you what they want to say.
We are transforming the sounds we recorded in WeMotion partnership into unique designs to reach more people.
Each product tells another story. Pick up your voice, make it sound!
Acrylic Pendant
Brass necklace chain
* Production of the products in this collection is carried out by asylum seekers living in the region.