Social impact

We Create a New Life with Crafts

With crafts, we are creating a new future with people who have limited livelihood opportunities and who want to create their own resources.

We know that making our society fair for everyone starts with little changes and we are working for a fair world, standing against inequality of opportunities.
we are working for a fair world against inequality of opportunity.
We are meeting creative hands looking for new ways of living with designers and their future customers.

Our producer’s skills are our design brief and their story is our word.

RateEmpowering with Design

By offering sustainable design support to our producers, we are meeting traditional making with modern lines and unleashing the potential of their production. As they weave their stories, we mediate for them to claim their life.

Sustainable Crafts

We are bringing a new breathe to craft production, which is our collective memory since millenniums. Convinced that the crafts that tell life should be in harmony with life as we live it, we are developing designs for your daily life.

Fair Production

Standing against the crazy consumption storm of our age, we believe in a production that gives life to hands. We see every one of our users as an ambassador of fair trade and we are spreading this awareness with you.

Our Impact in Numbers