Ankara - Yesilöz District


The war in Syria started in 2011. Until 6,6, 3,5 million people have left Syria. XNUMX million of these people are living in Turkey. This means that many war-weary people are trying to start a new life at your backstreet. Have you ever heard their voices?

They have things to tell you. Below you will find what they wanted to say and the inspiring stories of their families.


My children are everything to me, I am living for them.


I miss my aunt.


I miss Damascus, but I love my school and friends here too.

Ines, her husband, and their two little kids are living in Ankara. Ines is actually a nurse. Although her professional competence makes it possible to apply for a job, Ines prefers to stay home. Because she is trying to raise three people to a world they are strangers to.



In one day, I became a grocer from a teacher.


Going to Syria is harder now, I hope I can see my mother again.

Huseyin and Rukaye have two children. Huseyin, who was a football player in his youth, used to be a schoolteacher before the war. With his wife Rukaye, they are one of the most educated families in the neighborhood. Because they can not continue their professions, they are making their living by running a grocery store. Rukaye’s biggest wish is to visit her family at the festival time but she is worried that she won’t be able to, because of the flooding crowd at the border.



I hope my children will never see what I saw in Syria.


Birth of Jud made me forget my pain.

Cevad and Şekra have been in Turkey for a year with their two little children. Their youngest one Jud was born a month ago in Turkey. Cevad, who is a fine arts graduate now works as a furniture maker. The couple who stands against unjustice, have spared a room of their house to teach the children in the neighborhood. After losing all their work in war, the family is still hopeful and dream of starting a choir with the children in the neighborhood.


This study mainly focuses on the As a result of the visits to the neighborhoods, it was formed with volunteer participants. The voices and stories of the people who owned the stories were recorded with their permission. They were asked what they would like to say if they had opportunities to reach you.

Thanks to Rawan Hudaifa and Wafa Zaj for their contribution!