Mohammed Tawfiq

Syrian Calligraphy Artist & The Artisan of "Words of Wisdom" Collection
The beginning of Joon was a big void. Although we were moved by our passion, a good idea, and the healing power of design, we didn't know anyone we could work with yet.
Joon's story began as a result of Turkey's refugee crisis has become a focus area. With increasing migration, about 3 million Syrians new slot Turkey, which unfortunately was inadequate to resolve the problems concerning the social and financial aspects of the war victims.
These striking and homeless journeys of the refugees created a desire to reach them. We began to reach refugees who wanted to continue their journeys with us, were open to creative production, have specific competencies or are keen to have competence. In this quest, our ways crossed with the calligrapher Tawfiq bey.
Tawfiq, living with his family in the production site of Siteler in Ankara, had been making a living as a gardener since his migration. In Syria, artists who practice their profession with calligraphy audience access in Turkey, material failure and existing lines artist with competition problems in the profession had to try to perform press.Good was the profession of enforcement inability problem was an issue that applies to many refugees as Tawfiq.
Now, the 1 calligraphy artist I've been working with for more than a decade has been included in our journey in our collection of Words of Wisdom, which we have prepared from inspiring words. The artist, who worked as a Joon artist, also managed to transform his craft into a livelihood source by providing calligraphy courses in his neighborhood.