Gülten Çuhadar

Marbling Artist & Artisan of "Colors of Anatolia" Collection

When we realized that the value we created in the journey we started with refugees would be a solution tool not only for refugees, but also for the wider masses, we rolled our arms to reach more people. This was the beginning of our meeting with Gülten Çuhadar.

As a result of our visit to Ulus, which is the cradle of handicrafts that lasted for centuries, we met with the craftsmen who needed design and sales support and got their opinions on working with us. The only craftsman we had not met there that day was Gülten. The lady called us the day after she saw our documents containing our contact details and our story.

The first thing he said when he called was that we were trying to do something that he dreamed. To monitor the transformation of the products into design objects while making the endless pleasure of performing their craft.

Gülten Hanım is a very successful ebru artist with her own unique style. Performing the art of Ebru in its most original form, performing the imaginary art outside the borders. However, in accordance with the current conditions, it is difficult to adapt its production for sale. Nevertheless, with its open direction to experience, the collections it has created in its own mind are considered with the products that make a difference in Pilavoğlu Han.

The side that distinguishes Gülten Hanım from the other marbling artists is that she handles the art of Ebru on various textile and fabric pieces. Not only that, the artist continues to impress us with his courage to try marbling on almost all materials.

Nowadays, we continue our works with the Colors of Anatolia, which we developed together with the colors inspired by Anatolia. For us, Gülten is more than an artist, her stories, her experiences and her passion for her work have made her an important part of our work and our lives.