A New Beginning: SERÇEV - Joon Cooperation

We are on the verge of a new cooperation with the Children with Cerebral Palsy Association.

We are developing a collection that will raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy with SERÇEV established to support the participation of children with cerebral palsy. Products to be developed in this collection, We aim to create awareness in the community about cerebral palsy as well as creating additional income by producing them by children and families with cerebral palsy.

In this collection, we will follow a new and different design process considering both the purpose and the groups involved. When developing products, we think that as well as designers, they will produce, use and carry the message they should have a say in the design processes. Therefore, our design process we decided to carry out participatory and inclusive design methods with our original methods.

So what is participant design? Participatory design is a design method that allows designers to shake off their decisive role in every detail we dream of and to allow users to shape their own solutions. In these processes, while developing the role of all stakeholders in the design, we develop tools to express themselves.

Our road map is ready!

We are very excited for this new process. We would like to share our experiences with you. As a design team, you will be able to follow the process and the methods, systems and products that we will develop in this process.