EXPLORE Step # 1: Recognizing Actors

After a few meeting meetings with the SERÇEV team and volunteer families, we started a detailed study on the field as a design team. Before our work stakeholder map We started by creating. We have prepared a map showing the relations of all stakeholders covered by this process.

Stakeholder Map

We then started with a literature survey and a subsequent field survey.

What a cerebral palsy is, how it is varieties, how cerebral palsy is understood in society, what kind of difficulties in daily life literature research we did. We have read several articles and have watched fun videos about cerebral palsy. We discussed our views and assumptions among us.

In our minds, after an idea of ​​what cerebral palsy is, in an education area where children with disabilities and children with disabilities are co-studying together field observationwhat we went.

We had a full day in the field of education, and we met all the educators and all children with disabilities / unhindered. In the first few minutes, we became a foreigner. The role of everyone in the field of education to be open to guests and loving was great. We attended a few lessons, we chatted with everyone in the meantime, we played (and lost) with the children and we watched. The spacious architecture of the surroundings made it feel like a warm neighborhood with a lot of friendly people around.

After observation, we combined our literature research and insights with our field experience. Of course, these observations from a corner instead of not taking notes, because we are included in the share we share, we have included the transformation in our feelings. From these observations a map appeared:

We are now one step closer to the world of children with cerebral palsy. In products that will be their voice, we believe in the importance of understanding their world correctly.

Our next goal: Get to know the world of parents! You can read about what we are doing in the next week's developments.