DISCOVER Step # 2: Cultural Research

I'm lateMap of data from field workThis week we made in-depth observations and researches. Thus, we have a more detailed understanding of the lives of children with cerebral palsy. We began to map the cause and effect relations of children with disabilities to their environment, behavior patterns, and routines in the school.

On the other hand, in order to get to know and understand the families better, 10 will be sent to the family and we have started to prepare a Cultural Research Kit (Cultural Probe) which is filled with fun tasks, short notes and visuals that families will fill for a week.

Thanks to the Cultural Research Kit, we will come a little closer to the lives of the families who will blow the spirit of the products to be designed. We aim two things with this kit. First, understand the families better in the design process. Second, to provide families with an opportunity to realize connections that they did not normally realize by focusing on specific areas of their daily routine for a week.

The Cultural Research Kit includes:

1. Postcard from Nesli

2. Paper for response to postcard

3. Notebook for diary

4. Travel Maps

5. "I am in the eyes of others" booklet

6. Bonding Package

7. User guide

When we went to distribute the kits to families, we met mothers who were eager to share their stories. We look forward to the future of families for a week.

You can view this kit from fifteen families in the video below.