Focusing on today, while creating the future.

The world we live in, although we believe that we exist in order, have the same living metabolism as ours. And again, like us, it contains the things that are constantly destroying and reborn.

Believing that we are producing permanent solutions to such a world that is in constant change, it does not seem possible if we think that we are in constant motion. Even so, we create solutions that no one wants.

So why are we doing this?

Why do we continue to do things that are far away from ourselves when human nature and the way that the world is so similar to each other?

Now let's put this pessimistic picture aside. You know, sometimes we have a dream of a future in which we always feel inside of us that we don't know how to reach it. And as we build our path to it, we look at our old experiences first. What worked, what didn't work? We look at the picture from a larger perspective, putting into consideration of what works and what did not, and we end up being not completely satisfied with the end result but try to live with a small piece of our dream at the end.

Otto Scharmeris doing the examination of how and why we end up being like that by Theory U. U theory. Theory U is a change theory that examines how we connected to each other, the system and ourselves. Referring to this as a theory maybe not the right way of defining it. Because the U theory has already been implemented by many communities who are producing living solutions.

The U theory is a process of change that will bring together many individuals and groups from different institutions, ideas or communities, to see today's situations rather than past experiences. For 7 weeks, MIT I lab provides us with the opportunity to reach a search for solutions that may correspond to a problem in our region with living prototyping methods. The main emphasis in this process is; on the way to social change, first is to change yourself. Open-mindedness, open-heartedness and open will are the most emphasized experience on the road to the solution.

Global Citizens Ankara

The waves of this theory already spread to Turkey. In recent weeks, with a group including Joon in Ankara, we started to take action to evoke many stakeholders, including governments, companies, and civil society, to set up a new support mechanism for forcibly displaced and vulnerable people.

Global Citizens Ankara

3D Mapping

3D mapping, which is the first of the methods of U lab, was our first step. With this method, we have revealed the connections of different systems that being displaced brings in 3 dimensions. With this map, we have created a space that does not connect us to the past, our experiences and our judgments, but rather to interpret the results and relationships directly through the map. Looking at the different ends of the generated map, we have documented the feelings that the map awoke, fundamental conflicts, obstacles ,and what is ending and what is willing to be born in this living system

In the second stage, we have reorganized the emerging future on the same map in light of what is ending and what is being born. With this organization, we have identified the basic structural changes between the two systems, the areas of intervention and the actions need to be taken to create this emerging future.

Immediately after this process, we shared the experiences of many people who have experienced the same process all over the world and using the same method for different solution areas through an online session. There were 191 people in the online session room we attended. A group from Taiwan and China were aiming to create better solutions in home-care services, a group in Paraguay used this method to spread the mindfulness moments in their country, while a group in Germany is willing to develop an effective solution in emergency situations.

So there were people in different parts of the world who recognized a problem just like us. And they were trying to solve it!

The most impressive thing in the process is that in an area where we think our awareness is so high, we have seen new connections and a new reality while the solution seems more open than ever before.

In the upcoming days, we will continue with the second step though 2d mapping technique which will lead us a new discussion from different perspectives.

While waiting for us, if you are desperate to solve a problem in your own place, it may be a good opportunity to take a look at Theory U. Or you can listen to us first and witness our experience more closely!